Factory Valley PLT

We share our passion towards contributing to the success of manufacturing and services industries in Malaysia and the ASEAN.

We diagnose and prescribe innovative solutions to MAN, METHOD, MACHINE, MATERIALS & ENVIRONMENT.


What We do



Training modules are designed strictly to develop high performance team and winning culture.
The available programs are:
1. Halal Awareness programs
2. Hazard and Critical Control Point
3. Productivity improvement through 5S implementation
4. Executive Six Sigma
5. Total Preventive Manufacturing
6. Good Manufacturing Practices for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food.
7. Value Stream Mapping
8. Training Needs Analysis
9. Effective KPIs Implementation



Assist new investment project in Malaysia from setting up entity, obtaining authority approval, setting
up plant to managing the plant operations.



We guide the certification programs and business improvement projects at sites clients’ sites:
1. GMP, Halal and MESTI certifications.
2. Procurement & Commissioning of utilities, facilities and equipment.
3. Productivity improvement.
4. Suppliers’ and vendors’ audit.
5.Website development & marketing



Why choose Us

We should work together


We work together with the partners, listen to their inputs and current conditions.


We always embrace in delivering highest quality services.

solutions for the specific needs.

We customize the solutions for the specific needs.

Background from manufacturing

Our team careers and background are from manufacturing.

Certified Trainer

Certified trainer by HRDF and panel trainer for Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers.


Established working relationship with government agencies and private institutions

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